You Are Being USED!

This Labor Day Weekend was gratifying. I had the BLESSED opportunity to RELAX, sit back and take stock of my actions over the past 8 months. A perfect way to end the Summer of 2013. The glorious three day weekend ended with my awesome husband, Rosy and I watching the movie “Unconditional. I will not spoil your viewing the movie for yourself, as it is a must see. But I will say this: You are being USED. Yes, you are, I am, your neighbor is too — we are all being USED.

Along this privilege of a journey called life, we are touched by others in a myriad of ways. There are people who help us navigate this journey through prayer (with us and for us); through guidance and advice; or simply encouraging us along the way — our cheerleaders. Then there are the people who seem to be a thorn in our sides: they are unkind in some way; they may have done something awful to us; or they have made us feel some kind of way. When we take stock of the people in our lives, I know we can list a few names in each of these categories, and our own names should go on the lists, too, because we do these same things for and to ourselves as well.

Here’s the bottom line. The person who was/is a thorn in our side has taught us to be aware of their type — who they are. Yes, we experienced great angst when dealing with that individual, and now,  guess what:  we are a stronger, wiser and more considerate person for it. The USE in this experience is hopefully we will not treat anyone the way we were treated — when it comes to unkindness. As for those that pray for us and with us, we learn that it is not all about US and that other folks need us to encourage them to push them through, and lastly LOVE EVERYBODY, right where they are in their life’s journey, because we just don’t know what they are dealing with on any level of life.

Being USED is a good thing because you are helping to shape and mold that person to be the best they can be by being exactly who you are. Not one of us is a perfect human being; we are perfectly human, navigating our way through life one day at a time and one step at a time. In September 2013 remember the lessons learned and the people that were USED to help us grow to being the better person we have become.

A USED muscle is a stronger muscle. Continue being USED to help others….it’s exactly why we are all here!

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