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I hope you and your family are well and looking ahead to a fun and relaxing weekend or maybe even some solitude. I’m looking forward to completing my expense reports to get my taxes done and a manicure to celebrate!

Before I do any of that here are three refreshing lessons I’ve learned over the past several days. Learning through every experience is personal growth.

First off it was exciting co-facilitating two workshops titled: Put Some “Respeck” aka Respect On It, with my BFF La’Verne R. Webb, for the Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences. The  objective was to strengthen the importance of showing respect to all human beings no matter appearance or ethnicity. We used Hip-hop/rap artist Birdman’s song Put Some Respeck On My Name as the impetus for the conversation.

The swirl of activity continued at the Urban Art Gallery in West Philly while promoting my book, Gratefully Disappointed. Meeting Spoken Word Artists, clothing designers, culinary artists and media moguls, in an environment that was supportive and encouraging. Darcel  Laurie, Moguls in Media, CEO reminded us to remain focused on doing the work necessary to make this world better and to rid ourselves of the naysayers in our lives – delete them from social media accounts and the contact list.

Then there was a celebration for the 30 year career of Kenneth J. Parker a SVP at Pepco Holdings. Connecting with community leaders and learning about the extensive contributions of this very humble human being who has had a major personal impact on a number of people in the room and throughout the global community.

In life there are always lessons, some painful, some thought provoking.  Reflecting on each of the experiences above I walked away with these three actions:

Value Humanity
Focus on Your Vision

Pass the Baton

When we Value Humanity, Focus on Our Vision and Pass the Baton we build a world community that is built on respect.

Gratefully Yours,

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