Sabrina's Story
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Imagine everything you knew that once defined your life was suddenly gone.  That’s what happened to Sabrina Umstead Smith in 1988, when a tragic fire swept through the apartment building she shared with her husband and their unborn child.  She lost her husband as a result of that fire.  Her child was born with multiple health challenges and ultimately succumbed to those health issues.

Today, Sabrina provides a beacon of hope to families with chronically ill children, helping them to find balance in the chaos of caring for their child and promoting the importance of forgiveness.  Here is Sabrina’s Story.

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Sabrina contributed to this collection of stories.  Read these encouraging messages from God, and see what you can learn about God through the eyes of another believer.

Sabrina recommends these publications to those struggling with loss, seeking fulfillment or desiring forgiveness (for themselves or for others).

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