Journaling is a good way to capture your thoughts and feelings. You can work out problems, have a conversation with yourself, develop your ideas just by writing them down in a notebook or on a piece of paper. When you write them in pencil, you can erase anything you don’t like; when you type them in a word document you can save them and edit them at a later time or you can even delete them. I just came across some of the many journals I’ve kept over the years reviewing the entries. From those entries I recalled some really dark times in my life. The pain, anger and discontentment I was experiencing at the time is very evident in my words and tone. I thought to myself — WOW I have come a mightly long way since then. As I read through the entries some of those feeling were stirred up again, and I thought hmmm, I thought I was over that. Then I remembered something I read just a few days ago about putting the past behind and forgiving: I have to do my part to forgive the person and God will heal my emotions.

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