…Now I have a forgiving heart….I forgive them and move on.” That’s what Gabrielle Douglas said during a recent interview with the SunHerald (

Forgive and move on. These are powerful words that give all of us something to ponder.  The NOW shows a shift.

Think about it. We’ve all said and done something we regret – minutes, even days after.  Perhaps we used harsh words to someone during a time when we were angry about something else. Or, because someone hurt us we lash out at everyone.  Yet as difficult as it can be to forgive someone who has hurt you – it’s something that we all need to do in order for us to be free and move forward with our lives.  Being the bigger person and saying – I forgive you, gives you your freedom.  Holding on to the anger and bad feelings is an unhealthy time bomb. Your blood pressure rises every time you replay the situation in your mind. And guess what, the person we are angry with has MOVED ON!

So do a Gabby on the person who has hurt you:  forgive them and move on. You’ll feel better and the world will be a better place.

Sabrina Umstead Smith is available to speak to your group/organization on Forgiveness. Contact Sabrina for more information.

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