Experience – The Best Teacher

The other day on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) there was a special featuring some of this year’s Oscar nominees: Viola Davis, Best Actress for The Help; Octavia Spencer, Best Supporting Actress for The Help; and Jonah Hill, Best Actor for Moneyball.  Oprah interviewed all three thespians.  Viola Davis made a statement about forgiveness that really resonated with me (I’ll paraphrase):  Forgiveness is embracing everything that has happened to me.  Surely, our past is part of who we are, and no matter what our past was like, we learn from our life experiences.  The peaks and valleys of life are what mold us; making us wise and informed.  We either learn from them and grow or lament over them and suffer.  Learn the lessons and move forward to a better you – forgive4u!

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