So What You Wrote A Book!

Hello You Beautiful Grateful Human Being,

Believe it or not there are many of my friends and associates who don’t know I have self-published a book .  Guess what (full disclosure) that’s my fault.  Simply because I haven’t been promoting it.  I could make a thousand and one excuses for why I haven’t promoted my book like a ‘BOSS” but I’m not going down that road. Instead I am doing the promotion now, beginning today. Here is a quick video that my granddaughter and I produced.

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What People Are Saying About My Book


What a wonderful text message to receive from someone who has read my book. Tell me what you think of this book review.

“I just finished reading your book today at 10:55am at work.  And boy oh boy what a myriad of emotions I feel myself going through.  BRAVO !  You are an exceptional person and you have an exceptional man standing in the for and background where ever you need him to be. I’m so very proud to know you and am feeling especially graced that you shared your monumental story with me.  I could say a lot more but I’m still processing all that you wrote and some that you didn’t.  Love you to the moon and back!!!❤❤❤” — T. Penn

A Thoughtful Note

While reviewing my emails recently I came across this article in Next Avenue an online community. Having experienced the loss of a spouse, a child and parents there is often an awkward moment when people say: How Can I Help. This article addresses the question quite well. What takeaways did you get? Share your comments with me at:


You Are Being USED!

This Labor Day Weekend was gratifying. I had the BLESSED opportunity to RELAX, sit back and take stock of my actions over the past 8 months. A perfect way to end the Summer of 2013. The glorious three day weekend ended with my awesome husband, Rosy and I watching the movie “Unconditional. I will not spoil your viewing the movie for yourself, as it is a must see. But I will say this: You are being USED. Yes, you are, I am, your neighbor is too — we are all being USED.

Along this privilege of a journey called life, we are touched by others in a myriad of ways. There are people who help us navigate this journey through prayer (with us and for us); through guidance and advice; or simply encouraging us along the way — our cheerleaders. Continue reading “You Are Being USED!”